Tuesday, March 15, 2011

V Day in NC

Well . . .
A day we thought would never get here has finally passed. I wish the same could be said for the actual bill under consideration, but at least we're making progress. I wasn't able to be in NC today and had to sit this one out, but we have eyes. So, I'll post a deeper reaction later.

For now, here is my prognosis. The left's main complaint is that requiring a state ID card for voters, "takes us back to the old Jim Crow laws of the KKK south." With such emotional bombast, the Dem governor of NC will self-righteously veto the bill.

But don't be discouraged! It took decades to get where the Repubs even had the courage to raise the bill on the Statehouse floor, so we need to focus our frustration if it fails this time without walking away in disgust. This bill WILL become law one day. The fact that you need an ID card in order to apply for welfare benefits kinda undercuts their second favorite complaint about this bill: "It lays an undue burden on the poor" and their third favorite, "it's the return of the poll tax." (All shouted through a bullhorn.)

We WILL win this debate at some point in the future, so the only question is this: "What role do you want to play in bringing down the greatest voter fraud law in the history of North Carolina?" Without an ID card, anybody can vote numerous times. All a fraudulent voter need do is walk in to the polling station and claim the identity of someone they know has not already voted. Dead relatives and fictitious characters (registered through the efforts of ACORN types) make for wonderfully safe second and third voters.

Now, our job is to do the hard work of documenting how bad people are undermining our electoral system with such fraudulent behavior. If you want to do more than talk about the decline of America, if you want to do something to help prevent that decline, might I suggest that you surf on over to our organizational website and send in your name?! The address is www.VoterIntegrityProject.com

Thank you,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Updates

Sorry this is . . . terse . . . but it's been quite a few week.

I ran my website info over to our ethics lawyer at the JAG office. I need to be sure that doing this "non-partisan activity designed to increase voter participation and integrity" wouldn't somehow paint a big target on my chest and endanger my last six months of service to the Air Force. To coin a phrase. . . the jury is still out.

On another point, I finally registered for the National Summit in Houston. It's set for March 25-6. You can learn a little more about it here: http://www.kingstreetpatriots.org/ These guys are straight up people and have already made a great impact on Houston -- home district of Rep Jackson-Lee -- and beyond.

Met two great NC volunteers this week who are amazing people. One has registered over 700 voters (legally too!) and the other has been stirring up the Guilford County story about a whole bunch of 110-year-olds who are registered to vote. This story is still developing, but you can google it to see the latest.

Please pray for our nation, its leadership and the troops during these dangerous times.