Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Updates

Sorry this is . . . terse . . . but it's been quite a few week.

I ran my website info over to our ethics lawyer at the JAG office. I need to be sure that doing this "non-partisan activity designed to increase voter participation and integrity" wouldn't somehow paint a big target on my chest and endanger my last six months of service to the Air Force. To coin a phrase. . . the jury is still out.

On another point, I finally registered for the National Summit in Houston. It's set for March 25-6. You can learn a little more about it here: These guys are straight up people and have already made a great impact on Houston -- home district of Rep Jackson-Lee -- and beyond.

Met two great NC volunteers this week who are amazing people. One has registered over 700 voters (legally too!) and the other has been stirring up the Guilford County story about a whole bunch of 110-year-olds who are registered to vote. This story is still developing, but you can google it to see the latest.

Please pray for our nation, its leadership and the troops during these dangerous times.

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