Sunday, February 20, 2011

New kind of government shakedown?

It's sad when government employees can organize and refuse to do their taxpayer-funded jobs until the taxpayers agree to give them more money. I've always taken seriously the advice that Jesus gave the soldiers to "never complain about your wages."

A quick look at the entire wage-benefit package the teachers get in Wisconsin shows the enormity of the problem when other public servants don't follow that admonition. Not only do they complain, the boycott their jobs and tell the kids to go away! Imagine the power soldiers would have if we refused to do our jobs until we got more money. Pretty soon, we would be just like those countries where their dictators have the military on their side and nobody else (Egypt comes to mind).

Bottom line: If public service is no longer viewed as stewardship, then (quoting Jed Clampett) . . . "we in a heep of trouble."

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