Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The clock is ticking and the pulse begins to quicken as we start thinking about the battle ahead. North Carolina is in play as a "battle ground" state for the 2012 elections and a small race for control of the local school board served as a trial run for how the billion-dollar Presidential candidate will spend money to win his last election.

My sources tell me that the thugs formerly known as ACORN sent 100 canvassers down to one tiny little school district to knock on doors. The race actually was very significant because if the freedom forces had won, school choice would have gained momentum in Wake County (NC's largest school district). Instead, the paid staffers went door-to-door "polling" for citizens who were sympathetic to totalitarian school systems that have complete control over the children's education. If the person answering the door seemed to agree with the People for the (un)American Way types, he or she was handed an absentee ballot application. In the end, the parents lost another school board race and control of the Board reverted to those who value "diversity" more than parental control of their child's education... also known as freedom.

Okay, that is a tragic story of liberty taking another hit, but it's also a triumph of an organized band of political activists who worked the streets to make their side win a tough fight. A seasoned NC political veteran tells me that the race was a "beta test for ACORN 2012."

While the Voter Integrity Project of NC will do our part to eliminate (or reduce) vote fraud in all elections, the victory is in much bigger hands than ours. I think it was Ben Franklin who advised his peers "to pray as if it all depended on God and work as if it all depended on us."

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