Thursday, May 24, 2012 was the best of times and the worst....
Our rag-tag bunch of fraud-sniffing conscripts got "a mention" in the famously left-wing Raleigh News & Observer AND their sister paper, the Kansas City Star, and we weren't even being trashed! But the bad news is that fellow Patriot, James O'Keefe got sliced and diced because of his great work in North Carolina. It turns out that Brother OK didn't have access to the super secret immigration registry; but apparently McClatchy News Service has inside info and is able to report that the two non-citizens featured in O'K's film actually WERE citizens when they voted. The dominant media failed to mention that "Ziggy," one of the "non-ers" had to lie about something according to his own timeline. If he actually was a citizen back in 2003, as was reported at one leftist news site (and picked up by sycophantic state-controlled media), then why did he tell the Wake County Courts that he wasn't a citizen within the past four years? Lying on that jury form is some sort of crime, but not if our DA, Colin Willoughby, refuses to prosecute. Meanwhile, the other non-er, has a better set of facts on his side; but I still want to see the proof that these guys are citizens. Or do I have to take the word of the NC BOE top dog, Gary Bartlett? I don't know Gary, but I sure do hate all the secrecy. If we don't spread a little sunshine on this process pretty soon, NC will be in the same mess as is California: Their voter registration lists are kept away from the little people and their government is about as left-wing as they get. And hardly anyone knows anybody else who votes for the Dems and Reps who gleefully look the other way while thousands of business owners (and tax payers) flee their state every day.
But, rest assured.... VIP will get slapped around by the same usual media suspects if Gary Bartlett announces that all 553 challenges were found to be unwarranted. Hopefully, that will not be the case, but such a finding would allow him to repeat the leftist mantra heard often in North Carolina: Go back to sleep. There is no vote fraud in North Carolina.
Our (VIP's) underlying assumption is that there are too many loopholes in the NC election laws for some unethical miscreants to ignore. I assume the bad guys have beta tested their tactics, techniques and procedures in some small county; but in November, every loophole will be exploited and thousands of NC voters will take to the streets in an Iranian style protest, screaming that their election was stolen. Thankfully, that future is not set.
BUT, that is why we need as many volunteers as possible to join our efforts to scrub out as many dead and non-existent voters now...before the early September cut-off for 2012 election challenges. If you feel the urge to help us clean up this non-partisan mess, please surf over to and sign up!

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