Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't drink the kool aid but the TEA is find.

Why is Speaker Tillis selling out the Constitution?

Some say that voter photo ID is a political issue, but it doesn't take an advanced degree in government to know the defense of our nation's borders is already a tragedy and the final wall preventing a complete takeover of our government is the protecting the ballot box.In other words, voter photo ID isn't a partisan issue--it's a constitutional issue. It is bedrock to our national survival and some want to play politics with it.

Just when I thought the Republicans in the NC Legislature understood this principle, their caucus leader, Speaker Thom Tillis, appears to be ready for "a compromise" on photo ID for voters! Or should we say, "capitulation"?

Just imagine..."Lose the photo part and we have a deal Mister Speaker." Never mind that it means getting rid of the single element to the bill that unified all of the NC Legislature's Democrats in a mafia-like solidarity. And never mind that patriotic Americans with half a brain can see that the bill does nothing to improve ballot security. Yup, the Dems stood thick as thieves on this baby and now they have a new friend: Speaker Tillis.
Let's see...one side wants to open the vote up to any dead guy or non-citizen who still has his name on the voter roll and one side doesn't.

"Hey everybody! Let's compromise! We will let the people wanting to destroy our nation have their way this time, but they have to promise to be our friend when we go out to the playground."

According to the compromise bill, government-issued ID cards would be out of the question. Instead, people would be able to walk into the polling station with a bank statement or a utility bill and use that as ID. Now, if that's an acceptable form of ID, one must wonder why they are not being used at airports, banks and the NC Governor's mansion.

It doesn't take a poly-sci major to imagine what may be motivating Speaker Tillis. He was politically weakened when two of his staffers were forced to resign after having...uh..."inappropriate relations" with some hotties of the opposite sex whose daytime jobs involved lobbying the NC Legislature on matters important to their clients.So we do the math and realize that the only way Tillis will retain his cushy job (assuming Republicans retain control of the Legislature) is to join the Democrats. I think they call this "deja vu all over again" in NC, but I digress.

Tillis will need Democrat votes in his next bid for the speaker position, because a lot of Republicans have lost confidence in him. If this theory is correct, it would follow the time-honored Republican tradition in North Carolina: when the going gets tough, betray your party. Let's hope Tillis doesn't go so far as the last two traitors in the NCGOP, Mike Decker...but I double digress.

They say that power is a sweet elixir (and apparently a pretty good aphrodisiac too) but the book of Proverbs (23:1) warns us that if a man is given to gluttony over the food at a kings table he should "put a knife to his throat" (NIV).

So here is the bottom line: Don't go there, Thom. Any Republicans who agrees to remove the word "photo" from a voter photo ID bill had better start looking for some new friends...because he just abandoned his old ones.

Like the announcer at Woodstock might have said, "we have a warning on the kool aid. People are reporting some bad trips on that stuff... but the TEA is safe!

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